Keto books

Level-up your keto knowledge… or just make some next-level keto recipes!

Do you find yourself eating the same Keto recipes endlessly?  Tired of the same old combination of fats and proteins over and over again?  May we suggest you pick up a handful of our recommend Keto books to take your Keto cooking skills from amateur to expert?!

Understanding the science behind ketosis is just as important as being able to achieve it.  For instance, did you know that the Ketogenic diet was originally “developed” in the 1920’s as a remedy for children with epileptic disorders?  Books like “The Ketogenic Bible” are ripe with information and scientific facts providing solid proof as to the benefits of a ketogenic diet.   They will help you no matter what your experience level is, whether you are just getting started or having been in ketosis for a couple years.

Do yourself a favor and pick out a few of our Keto books today!

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Showing all 2 results