Keto test strips

Relish in the envy of your less keto-adapted acquaintances

Ok, that might be a bit extreme, but is there really a more satisfying feeling that taking a sample of your ketones and hitting an absurdly high number after struggling with <1.0’s for weeks on end?  Maybe you just kicked off your Ketone-powered journey and you want to know for certain when you’ve reached “true” Ketosis.  Check out our collection of keto test kits and keto test strips to help you understand how much of a Keto superstar you really are.

Different ways to test your ketone levels

There are a multitude of ways to get your ketone level readout, some are more accurate than others.

Here are the most common testing mechanisms:

  • Breath tester – surely the easiest test, possibly the most inaccurate.  Simply breath into the tester and get an estimate of your ketone levels
  • Urine strips – Probably the cheapest and also relatively accurate,  the Urine strips…well they are pretty self-explanatory
  • Blood test – The preferred and most accurate test is definitely going to be the blood test.  A simple painless finger prick and a couple seconds later you have highly accurate ketone readout.

As you can see there are a variety of keto test strips and kits that you have to choose from.  Pick the one that fits your lifestyle best, no need to complicate things

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